ISET Events, your enterprise solution for event management

Event hosting is fundamental to most organizations. Whether the event is a large conference, or small private meeting, ISET Events provides the necessary tools to help your organization host a successful event from: publishing, promoting, managing registrations and payment, communication, and reporting.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

ISET Events is a customizable SAAS solution. With a software as a solution, clients essentially pay for the service rather than purchase the software and the underlying infrastructure. With costly hardware, upgrades, and maintenance, you organization can focus on their event hosting and management needs.

What Makes ISET Events Different?

  • Fully Customizable: The ISET Event service for your organization is customized specifically to meet the needs of your organization. Your service is not shared with other clients and is not constrained by generic limitations of other typical multi-tenant providers.
  • Privacy of Registrant Data: For Canadian clients, ISET Events stores registrant data on servers in Canadian data centres protecting the privacy of each organization's registrants.
  • Fully Bilingual: The service offers both an english and french user interface what is uniquely customizable for each client. Each single event is publishable and maintainable as seperate instances in english and french.
  • Interoperable: As a service within your organization enterprise architecture, ISET Events may be consumed by other services. To realize this ISET Events offers both RSS feeds and web services for listing events and extracting registrants.